George Lopez has a Late Night Show!

I’ve been watching a decent amount of TBS lately, not of my own volition but rather, because the Twins R IN DA PLAYOFFS OMG. Well anyway, what this leads to is an abundance of Lopez Tonight spots.

I started to wonder; I got a feeling in my extremities. And then I began to imagine a late night show hosted by George Lopez. It was super easy.

Lopez comes out on stage. The actress who played his mother on the George Lopez Show (Belita Moreno) is leading the band.

George Lopez: Hola! Bet you never thought you’d see a Latino host a late night show! The closest thing to it has been my friend Enrique who did maintenance work for Conan!

Belita Moreno: YOUR HEAD IS HUGE.

George Lopez: Shut up Mom why do you have to ruin my big moment for me!

Belita Moreno: Why’d you have to ruin the joy of childbirth! I was supposed to give birth to a shortstop not a freak who tells jokes!

George Lopez: You’re not my real mother!

Belita Moreno: Didn’t stop you from tearing up my vaginista!




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