Anatomy of a Soulja Boy Rap

Here’s a fun segment where I take some song lyrics and analyze them all too literally. Today’s sample is is the opening rap to the song, “Delirious,” by Soulja Boy (Tell em).

Man it’s ridiculous, I got you so delirious – Masculine rhyme
Kiss you through the phone, while I lick you just like licorice – Assonant/Near rhyme; this begs the question as to who actually licks licorice. He’s kissing this delirious girl through a phone network and also licking the aforementioned licorice.
I’m hold back in 96, and you can be my Sasha Fierce – Near rhyme; the world may never know what ‘hold back in ’96’ means. Soulja Boy himelf was 5 years old in 1996.
Baby you so sexy, I love the way them jeans fit – No detected rhyme; Gratuitous use of jeans fitting urban cliche to describe an ass/rear/fanny that is desirable.
Put you on my team miss, Call you miss beezy. – What team? Also, no established reason why he is calling this girl Miss Beezy, which to my knowledge is a title of nonsense.
I’m Soulja Boy Tell Em, I can make yo life so easy – Perfect rhyme! Also a shameless plug while advocating admittance of this girl to Soulja Boy’s network of affluence.
And if you don’t believe me, please don’t tease me – Near rhyme; if this woman doesn’t believe that he is, in fact, Soulja Boy, and that a relationship with him would result in an easy lifstyle, he asks that she not tease him.
Delirious for my love, better yet I got you phenin’ – Possible near rhyme; the word phenin’ is utilized, which wasn’t a word to my knowledge. Upon searching it in Urban Dictionary, I discovered it means to crave for an addiction to be fulfilled. So what Soulja Boy is trying to express, is that this girl is delirious for his love, and better yet, she is addicted to his various and far reaching charms.
LET DO IT! – Let’s do it, but without the contraction let’s, or ‘let us.’

Now let’s translate this to white people speak so even Pat Boone could understand it:

It is profound that I have you, a woman, quite taken with me.

Let’s attempt to kiss each other through the phone, but at the same time I will also attempt to lick you as if you were a piece of old fashioned candy.

I will act as though I were from 13 years ago, and you can be Beyonce’s alter ego.

As a sidenote, your rear end looks desirable in those particular pants.

You are invited to join my team, and I shall give you a sily nickname.

In case you forgot, my name is Soulja Boy Tell ’em and I am worth a significant amount of money.

In the event that you do not believe that I am a) Soulja Boy, or b) that I am worth a significant amount of money, please do not act as though you believe those aforementioned factoids.

I am convinced that you are not capable of making rational decisions with regards to my influence over you, and better still, you seem to have an unhealthy dependence upon me.

Let us begin.


3 Responses to “Anatomy of a Soulja Boy Rap”

  1. 1 Steve October 13, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Pat Boone would never be so racy!

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